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Table of Contents

Take a peek inside the large-scale table of contents. Take note : this book is not a dictionary, but rather a textbook that you will read from the beginning to the end thoroughly. As you progress through, the notions will become more complex and the level of difficulty will increase.


History of Canadian French

Begin your Learn Canadian French journey by reading about the history of French in North America, and its ethymological evolution. If you are passionate of history, you will inevitably take joy in this chapter.

Verbs/Subject pronouns

Subject pronouns made easy!

I have mentioned in the ''How Hard is Canadian French'' section of my website that subject pronouns were an essential key component to understanding Canadian French. By page 89, you will have mastered all the subject pronouns in the Québécois way, and you will already have acquired extensive knowledge.

Compound Verbs

Many grammar tables

I have included the nitty-gritty grammar of Canadian French compound verbs. If you have already have a few basic skills in French, try and notice the differences between Parisian and Canadian French, as shown in page 119.

19th Century French Canadian Literature

La Chasse-Galerie

The famous legend of the flying Canoe happening in Gatineau inside! This folklore fable will take you into the heart of 19th century Canadian French culture. The story is included in both languages, and rewritten (in French) to match and test your acquired skills in Canadian French.

Verbs & Grammar

Countless Grammar Tables!

At the end of your Learn Canadian French journey, you will have grasped the essentials of Canadian French, and the most used French verbs will be at your disposition, conjugated in all main tenses.

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