How hard is Canadian french?

Many folks and language lovers often raise the issue that Canadian French is laborious and onerous to learn, with many well-founded motives. It is true that the French taught in Canadian schools is mainly Parisian French, and Canadian French truly lacks learning literature. Many individuals who have successfully learnt French often have a hard time understanding the Québécois.

As a result of this discord, many misconceptions and stereotypes have come to revolve around Canadian French. My sole mission is to provide you with a solid understanding of the French accents in North America, with a taste of Canadian literature and history in order to show you how simple our language truly is.

I say that Canadian French is easier than Parisian French.

Canadian French has kept many of its colonial simplicities and contractions, much like Spanish in Latin America. For example, the syntactical rules of Canadian French are much more liberal than Parisian French. We can think of omitting the ''ne'' in verbial negation, or replacing ''nous'' for ''on'' as a subject pronoun.

Surprisingly, the key to understanding Canadian French is the learning the subject pronouns, the contractions, the demonstrative pronouns, the phonology and phonetics, and finally, the verbs. This is why my book specifically focuses on this matter.  Once those elements are seized, you will wondrously find yourself understanding Canadian French...